The Most Exquisite Jewelry
Today, I’m really excited to be partnering with Vahan Jewelry. Vahan was founded by French designer, Leon "Sacha" Der Calousdian in 1968. Vahan is based in the United States and has been creating timeless collections of women’s jewelry for 50 years. Vahan Jewelry has been worn by celebrities from Joan Rivers to Katy Perry!
Statement Jewelry for Any Occasion
I was recently introduced to Vahan Jewelry and I am so amazed by the sparkle and quality of these pieces! By now, many of you likely know that I opt for more delicate, simple jewels, but there’s something to be said for beautiful statement pieces (especially those that sparkle!).
Fine Jewelry for All Occasions
I always loved the idea of fine jewelry, but my lifestyle is more casual with small kids. Hence, when I was first introduced to VAHAN…I immediately thought it was the perfect blend of quality and design.
Classic Diamonds
I wanted to share with you today some images I styled with Vahan's stunning jewelry collection, an opportunity I've been looking forward to for a long time.
The Beauty of Vahan Jewelry
Whoever said that diamonds are not to be worn during the daytime is clearly not from the south. We like our baubles large, stacked and worn around the clock. When it comes to diamonds, more is more! Today I am thrilled to partner with VAHAN Jewelry to show you some of my favorites from their collection.
Accessories That Sparkle
Hold on, let me put on some sunglasses because I’m blinded by Vahan Jewelry! Honestly, I can’t get enough. I was recently introduced to Vahan’s pieces, and when I saw these bracelets in person I was amazed at how much they sparkled.
KBStyled - VAHAN Jewelry
Today, I’m partnering with VAHAN Jewelry to share a bit more about this exquisite fine jewelry brand founded by French designer, Leon “Sacha” Der Calousdian, in 1968. For 50 years, VAHAN has been creating timeless collections of women’s luxury jewelry.
Back to Basics: Day into Night
Once the everyday look has been achieved, the Vahan Style Team will help you transition your look from Day-to-Night.
Getting the VAHAN Look
The VAHAN Style team is here to help you curate your perfect jewelry look whether it is back to school season, back to the boardroom or you are simply looking forward to enjoying an extended summer.
Make Today a Hollyday with a Bracelet Giveaway!
Today I wanted to take a break from the craziness to share one of my FAVORITE jewelry brands, Vahan Jewelry! Vahan Jewelry is a luxury jewelry line that has been around for over 50 years and has a line that is classic and sophisticated for any age!
The Chicest Luxury Jewelry Brand
I’m thrilled to be partnering with Vahan Jewelry. One of the chicest luxury jewelry brands around. Featuring the most amazingly gorgeous and timeless pieces. >>>
Tips for Caring For Fine Jewelry + Vahan Jewelry
So what is all this fabulousness on my wrists?! Today, I’m thrilled to share a fine jewelry line with you: Vahan Jewelry .... while I was looking through their site I was thrilled to see that I had seen Vahan years ago as a young girl. Their signature textured bracelets were Christmas gifts to my mom and aunts by my meme. It was the best kind of déjá vu, so I knew I had to style these pieces.
Jewels at my Doorstep - VAHAN
Back in the summer of 2015, I got the opportunity to shoot my first collaboration with Vahan Jewelry. It was one of my favorite shoots because it involved a hot summer day, a swimming pool and my favorite picks from Vahan. I’m so excited that I got another opportunity to style a second shoot almost three years later!
The Look of Luxury
Cultivate your style with Vahan
The Art of Stacking
Mix and match to create your personal style.
A New Look
Vahan is renowned for its classic floral petal design, and while that style is here to stay, this year Vahan has debuted something new. Presenting the Nuvo look.
The Stylish Summer is back
Look chic with VAHAN's classic styles and latest additions!
The Art of Stacking
Mix and match to create your personal style.
The Infini Collection
Never-ending elegance
The Nova Bracelet
Stellar Style
...and the award goes to...
The winners of the 2016 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards have been revealed, and VAHAN is proud to announce that our popular Le Cercle bracelet placed 1st, and our all gold double Love Knot placed 2nd in their respective categories!
Connect With VAHAN
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Always a Smart Decision
On February 14, we are given a day to celebrate our love and have an excuse to spoil our Valentine. Flowers are always a must, as well as a good box of chocolates to devour together. Unfortunately, once the fun is over we are left with wilted flowers and chocolates that have now turned in to calories we really didn’t need.

Why not leave her with something she can cherish every single day? Jewelry!
A Fan for Life
Vahan jewelry is the perfect mix of classic and elegant. These bracelets and rings are beautiful enough to draw endless compliments and questions of "where did you get that." Putting them on has been one of the best parts of my day because they go with everything, are made with such high quality, and make any day (and any outfit) feel special. I love Vahan and am now a fan for life.
Jewels at My Doorstep: VAHAN
Something about a killer bracelet stack that just screams summertime to me! I couldn't wait to get a package of Vahan Jewelry's bangles and bracelets to play with, and they arrived at my doorstep just in time as the weather here in Nashville has been nothing but sunshine. It inspired me to take these jewels poolside for a fun photo shoot that would put these designs in their rightful element.
It's All in the Details
You know how a great bag or the perfect pair of shoes can pull an entire look together? It's almost as if that particular piece makes everything else being worn less important. I could be wearing old jeans and a basic white top, but if my shoes and bag are on point, the whole look just works.

Well, for me, jewelry does the exact same thing.
The Test of Time
To me inspiration is like air. It’s everywhere, most don’t see it, and you sometimes need to have faith that it’s actually there. Sometimes it hits you abruptly, and other times it’s a gentle whisper.
My Fair #VahanLady
In a world of fans, followers and subscribers we’ve come to know our community as so much more! After all a mere fan could hardly have impacted this brand the way all of you have over the years.
Like Father, Like Son
This has always been one of my favorite images from our archives. Taken in the early 70’s, it exemplifies what Vahan has always been about, at its core.
Nature of the Beast
It is strange to think now, but decades ago when I first started creating animal designs one of the biggest obstacles was the simple act of finding images and detailed information on what these animals actually looked like...
The Designer's Blog
After over a century of design, the time has come for us to open our vaults. Not so much our literal vaults, but those filled with the many stories behind the designs, the collections and the very evolution of the Vahan brand itself!