by Megan Stokes

You know how a great bag or the perfect pair of shoes can pull an entire look together? It’s almost as if that particular piece makes everything else being worn less important. I could be wearing old jeans and a basic white top, but if my shoes and bag are on point, the whole look just works.

Well, for me, jewelry does the exact same thing.

Even if I’m not dressed up in a dress and heels like I am in these photos, if the jewelry I’m wearing is important to me and beautiful, I instantly feel special, no matter what else I’m wearing. That is how Vahan Jewelry makes me feel every time I put on one of their stunning pieces.

Being able to express my individuality through my fashion choices if very important to me. I take thought into every last detail, but it’s always nice when certain pieces don’t make me think so hard when pulling an outfit together! Each of my Vahan bracelets are different from the other, but I don’t even have to put thought into wondering if they will look good together when worn as a stack. They always do! My Vahan jewelry items are my go-to pieces that are sure to work with nearly any outfit.

Another thing I love to do when incorporating my jewelry into an outfit is adding in little pops of color. Today, I did this with the turquoise earrings and ring. When worn against a neutral (yes, leopard is a neutral in my opinion!), turquoise, or any gemstone for that matter, is always a yes!

At the end of the day, jewelry is meant to be worn, admired, and loved by the owner, right? It tells a story, which only makes it that much more beautiful. My first Vahan bracelet was given to me on my one year wedding anniversary. Every time I look at it, I think of my husband and the love we share. What better item to make me feel special and pull an outfit together than a piece of jewelry with meaning like that?



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