by VP, Design Greg Der Calousdian

To me inspiration is like air. It’s everywhere, most don’t see it, and you sometimes need to have faith that it’s actually there. Sometimes it hits you abruptly, and other times it’s a gentle whisper.

During a lovely family vacation to the Italian Amalfi Coast, we visited Villa Cimbrone which sits high up on the cliffs of Ravello. Italy and all of Europe harbor a wealth of inspiration in the centuries of beautiful structures and captivating sceneries. Villa Cimbrone is a marvel with a mixture of Italian and English styled gardens surrounding a breathtaking villa. As my wife and I meandered through the sumbtuous gardens in utter awe, we came across this gorgeous stone and iron structure burried in the back gardens. This ancient pergola which sat there for centuries flanked by gently swaying cypress trees and pines immediately drew me in.

As I walked under the structure, the sun cast the silhouettes of the iron curly cues on my face and I paused momentarily blinded by the light. The warm sensation of creativity laced with inspiration took center stage in my mind’s eye, as I could see a domed lattice-like structure that could cast light in all directions, while also letting air and light through. Like the Italian pergola, I wanted a concept that could stand the test of time yet remain timelessly pretty to it’s onlookers.

  • shahid malik

    surely the creativity follows the inspiration. most of the time it comes from infinite intelligence