by Line M. Eriksen – Community Manager

In a world of fans, followers and subscribers we’ve come to know our community as so much more! After all a mere fan could hardly have impacted this brand the way all of you have over the years.

If you are in love with this fabulous world of sparkling diamonds, gemstones, shinning silver and gold, and the fantastic designs, then you’ve earned the title: Vahan Lady! This is but a small tribute to all you fabulous Vahan Ladies, who have inspired me with your personal #VahanStyle!

  • Carolea

    Stylish, chic and so lovely to admire. To wear VAHAN is to feel like a Star!

  • Johuree Bazaar

    Thank you for sharing various designs of jewellery. Each designs is attractive and unique keep updating us with more fabulous designs.

  • Sharon Weldin

    Great for you. You are blessed. I have been trying to design jewelry and fashion my whole life. I just need one chance like you and get lucky to do it. Best Wishes.
    Sharon Weldin
    Bossier City Louisiana USA