by Suzanne Smith

Today, I’m really excited to be partnering with Vahan Jewelry. Vahan was founded by French designer, Leon “Sacha” Der Calousdian in 1968. Vahan is based in the United States and has been creating timeless collections of women’s jewelry for 50 years. Vahan Jewelry has been worn by celebrities from Joan Rivers to Katy Perry!

I’ve always loved beautiful jewelry, and especially jewelry that can be worn with jeans and a white tee shirt and look fabulous, but also looks amazing with my dressiest cocktail dress or that cute outfit for the office. In this post, I’m showing you how versatile Vahan jewelry can be. I’ve worn the same pieces with three very different outfits and it looks amazing with all of them.

I truly love all of the exquisite pieces that I’m wearing in these pictures, but especially the stackable bracelets (and the earrings and the necklace)! You can wear an armful of bracelets because the more you wear, the more stunning they look. Vahan jewelry comes in combinations of diamonds, 14K gold, sterling silver and semi-precious stones and at many different price points. You will find that Vahan is the highest quality and each piece is classic and timeless. Vahan makes a perfect wedding gift for a special bride and would be ideal as a graduation gift for your daughter or granddaughter when she graduates from high school or college. It would be so much fun to start a collection for your daughter or granddaughter and watch it grow with her! It’s jewelry that will passed down for generations.

14K Gold & Sterling Silver Earrings

14K Gold and Sterling Silver Bracelets from Cross – Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4

Chain and Cross Pendant

Thank you so much to Vahan Jewelry for partnering on this post!

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