by Kathleen Barnes

Hold on, let me put on some sunglasses because I’m blinded by Vahan Jewelry! Honestly, I can’t get enough. I was recently introduced to Vahan’s pieces, and when I saw these bracelets in person I was amazed at how much they sparkled.

With the holidays coming up, my opinion is that it’s never too soon to start dropping hints. I love the idea of committing to a brand that aligns with your style and letting your family or significant other know that “adding to your collection” is always a welcomed surprise.

Over time, you could collect a beautiful story of meaningful pieces that still compliment each other beautifully. Vahan has absolutely gorgeous pieces, and for me, their bracelets are the real show stoppers. How glam are they here, stacked together? I can’t get enough of these bracelets, especially this one!

vahan accessories 01

vahan accessories 02

vahan accessories 03

vahan accessories 04

vahan accessories 05

vahan accessories 06

photos by Meg Stone

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