A New Look

Vahan is renowned for its classic floral petal design, and while that style is here to stay, this year Vahan has debuted something new. Presenting the Nuvo look.

A departure from our classic gold petals, Nuvo is a modern and minimalist addition to the Vahan line. Many of our existing best sellers now bear this chic alternative to the original style, and brand new styles have been created specifically around the new look.

For the woman who is looking for something polished, smooth, and understated, there is Nuvo by Vahan.
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denise Caracci
December 20 at 12:42 am
how does the closed bracelets open?
February 1 at 12:38 pm
Hi Denise,

There is a hidden clasp behind the gold pedals. They are easy to open but sturdy while closed.
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