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Back in the summer of 2015, I got the opportunity to shoot my first collaboration with Vahan Jewelry. It was one of my favorite shoots because it involved a hot summer day, a swimming pool and my favorite picks from Vahan. I’m so excited that I got another opportunity to style a second shoot almost three years later!

If you read the first blog feature, you know that Vahan Jewelry is layer-ready and looks amazing the more you stack. The brand is most frequently recognized for its trademark Moiré Beaded stacking bracelets, which continue to be quite popular, with new styles being added all the time. I chose six incredibly unique bracelets for the shoot, automatically adding the bold jaguar to the mix straight away. That one is definitely my favorite! What is great about these bracelets that I’ve noticed for the second time wearing them is their comfort level is off-the-charts. I forgot I was wearing them by the end of the day and didn’t want to take them off.

Next, we MUST talk about the earrings! These stunning statement-makers made my mouth drop when I unwrapped them. The flowing wing motif hanging from a cluster of diamonds is both elegant and badass. I could wear these any day of the week! The diamonds total 0.66 carats and they are done in 14k yellow gold.

Lastly, the rings were fun to choose and I didn’t hold back on some of the bolder styles. Some of the design elements of the bracelets were also carried over to many of the ring details. I love a good wide band and the two styles I’m wearing on my ring fingers are great options if you’re looking for a substantially thick band for everyday wear. Would even recommend as an alternative engagement ring for those wanting a wide band instead of a typical diamond ring.

Bracelets featured in shoot —

style 22952GD08

style 22738GD06

style 21844GD

style 22919GD04

style 22714GD04

style 22189GD

Earrings featured in shoot —

style 42891GD

Rings featured in shoot —

style 12797GD

style 12763GD

style 12758GD

style 12781GD

style 12665GD

Visit to see the full photo shoot.

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