by Cedric Der Calousdian

After over a century of design, the time has come for us to open our vaults. Not so much our literal vaults, but those filled with the many stories behind the designs, the collections and the very evolution of the Vahan brand itself!

We’ll hear from the designers themselves, what inspired them to create your most coveted pieces. Discover how each design grew from an idea to stunning, glittering completion! (And of course we’ll try to sneak you some early looks at our new designs before they hit the stores!)

Just as important to us however, is to bring you a variety of voices. You’ll be hearing from various members of the Vahan community including our community manager, various store owners, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and from those of you who wear our jewelry everyday! Interested? Tell us what you think by leaving us a comment below!

  • Kitty Haas

    I own several pieces, earrings, necklace, bracelets, purchased them in St Thomas, Jackson Hole…always get comments, men asking me where I bought them! I am an interior Designer and my jewelry is very much part of my personal style…Vahan is me!!

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