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Alterations & Sizing

Bracelet Sizes

VAHAN makes it easy to determine your bracelet size. For your convienence, use our wrist sizing guide here. Find the size of your wrist, then compare it with our size chart to choose which size is right for you. Custom sizing is also available. Contact info@vahanjewelry.com with any questions.

Size Wrist Measurements
XS 5 - 53/8in.
XS+ 53/8 - 53/4in.
S 53/4 - 61/8in.
S+ 61/8 - 61/2in.
M 61/2 - 67/8in.
M+ 67/8 - 71/4in.
L 71/4 - 73/8in.
L+ 73/8 - 8in.
XL 8 - 83/8in.
XL+ 83/8 - 83/4in.
Custom 83/4 & Up

Ring Sizes

VAHAN rings are available in all other standard sizes. Use our ring sizing guide to find your perfect fit. Custom sizing is available.

Necklace Sizes

Necklace lengths are listed in the item details. Custom lengths is available. Contact info@vahanjewelry.com with questions.


Custom sizing for bracelets is available for a fee of $100. Alteration of a previous purchase is also available for a fee of $100. Contact info@vahanjewelry.com with questions.