by Cedric Der Calousdian

This has always been one of my favorite images from our archives. Taken in the early 70’s, it exemplifies what Vahan has always been about, at its core.

When Sacha founded Vahan in 1968, he did so as the third generation of jewelry designers in his family to have collaborated with his father in the development and evolution their own personal style. It’s in this way that our love of the craft, and refinement of Vahan designs themselves have been cultivated over decades.

Now, collaborating with his son Greg, the tradition continues and I find myself wondering which of the pictures we take today will be looked on as fondly as this, down the road.

  • Julia C

    Vahan is a classic purveyor of fine jewelry. Their pieces exude timeless luxury. I wear my bracelets daily as they are comfortable and stylish. When I wear Vahan pieces I always get compliments. I’m in love with the brand!

    • Community Manager – Line Eriksen

      Julia C, it is clear to see that you are a true passionated #VahanLady! Which Vahan bracelets do you own, and how do they compliment your style?

  • Heather Hanson

    Love this and such beautiful and classic jewelry!